Police Officer - Transferee

Posted on 2nd Jan 2022

Police Officer - Transferee

Together, we aim to build stronger, more resilient communities, providing a modern police force which meets the needs of the public we serve.

Preventing and thoroughly investigating crime, supporting victims and bringing offenders to justice. This commitment can’t be achieved by any one person alone; it relies upon a team of over 8,000 staff, officers and volunteers, working alongside partner agencies and with the public.

We cover a wide geographical area including Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire. Our patch is as diverse as they come – historic cities meet vast rural spaces. Cutting-edge organisations work alongside world-class universities. 2.3 million people call it home and 6 million visit each year.

There are four football league clubs and annual high-profile events including Royal Ascot, Reading Festival and Henley Regatta to keep an eye on. We often rise to unique challenges like the Royal Weddings and Presidential visits, with millions of people around the world watching on. We’re home to Windsor Castle and the PM’s country residence Chequers – which means we’re also home to a Protection Group of armed officers second only in size to the Metropolitan Police.

As you can see, policing our region is no mean feat. It takes a dedicated team of officers, staff and volunteers. Our people are our most important asset. As well as many staff benefits, we provide a wide range of career opportunities, specialist posts, as well as development and promotion prospects. 

We also have exciting opportunities available to specialise in a variety of departments including opportunities for Detective Constables, in ARV and Protection Group (or those with the ambition to join) and many more. Please get in contact to find out further details. 

This is your opportunity to take on a role with pride and confidence, inspiring change in our communities.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to join Thames Valley Police as a transferee, you must have: 

  • Have completed your probation period and be confirmed in post by formal offer of appointment.
  • Have passed the Initial Police Learning and Development Programme (IPLDP), Degree Holder Entry Programme (DHEP), Police Constable - Degree Apprenticeship (PCDA) or other versions of Initial Training Courses. 
  • Live within 30 crow miles of two of our main police stations by formal offer of appointment.
  • You must have no live complaints pending against you.
  • Hold a Full Valid UK driver’s license.
  • Currently working at a Home Office force, British Transport Police (BTP), Ministry of Defence Police, Channel Isles or Isle of Man Police. 

If you are applying for a Sergeant or Inspector post, please contact us for a update on our recruitment status.

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process will follow a set programme of application, paper sift, competency based interview, vetting (including biometrics), medical checks, reference checks and fitness test. Numerous interview dates are available and we can accommodate a range of dates for medical appointments and fitness tests.  

Posting Opportunities within Thames Valley Police

We are particularly interested in recruiting ICR officers who wish to be posted to Milton Keynes, Aylesbury and Cherwell & West Oxfordshire Local Policing Areas. These regions of Thames Valley Police provide a varying working space with opportunities to develop your career. You will have the opportunity to police vast urban and rural areas with a diverse culture and attend major events occurring within the Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire counties.  

Transferee Detectives

With a force size that guarantees a broad range of crime and a reputation for solid investigations there is no better place than TVP to be a detective. We have an established, comprehensive investigative structure and are the host force for a number of South-East regional crime teams; for example Counter Terrorism Police South-East. As a detective, you will deal with some of the most serious and complex crime possible including serious assaults, domestic abuse, child protection, fraud, homicide, cybercrime, county drugs lines and crimes against vulnerable people.

As a Detective, no two cases or days are the same. You are responsible for managing and conducting complex investigations from initial crime scene management to the verdict being delivered at court. Your role will vary from interviewing suspects, identifying witnesses, handling forensic evidence, preparing and submitting case papers, attending court and being the point of contact for victims of crime as you work to uncover the truth. Partnership working is key as you collaborate with social care, health teams and schools, working alongside your uniformed colleagues to build the strongest case and achieve justice for victims.

We are particularly keen to recruit into Slough Priority Crime Team and Criminal Investigation Department, as well as PVP in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.

Dependent on where you are posted within Thames Valley Police, you may be entitled to an annual bonus payment. For more information on this, please contact the Transferee Recruitment Team.

Temporary Detective Constable

You will transfer/re-join as a Temporary Detective Constable (T/DC) and be enrolled on the National Investigators Exam. If successful, you will work through your DC accreditation to become a substantive DC. T/DCs will be posted to a suitable role within our PCT (priority crime team), CID (Criminal Investigation Department), CAIU (child abuse investigation unit), or DAIU teams (domestic abuse investigation unit). After you complete the accreditation, there are a number of other detective job roles you can consider.

Substantive Detective Constable

You will transfer/re-join as a substantive DC and be posted to a suitable role within our PCT (priority crime team), CID (Criminal Investigation Department), CAIU (child abuse investigation unit), or DAIU teams (domestic abuse investigation unit). Alternatively, you would be able to apply for internal DC roles after a successful transferee interview. We will soon be open for POLIT (Paedophile OnLine Investigation Team) at Abingdon as well as Fraud roles in Loddon Valley and HQ.


All officers must attend an initial two week induction course at our Police Training Centre in Sulhamstead near Reading, accommodation is available for those who live outside of travelling distance. MOD transferees will be required to attend a 7 week induction course prior to posting due to the vast difference in initial training they would have.

We do consider applications for officers in detective or other specialist roles, if you would like more information on these opportunities please contact us on the email below. 

If you require any further information about transferring to Thames Valley Police, please email Transferees@thamesvalley.police.uk.

If you are from an underrepresented group and would like to discover what additional  support and development opportunities are available, please do not hesitate to contact the Positive Action and Engagement Team who can help facilitate this Positiveactionteam@thamesvalley.police.uk.

Pay & Benefits 

Thames Valley Police adheres to the national pay scales and as such you will transfer on the same pay increment you currently receive.
All Thames Valley Police officers currently receive South East Housing Allowance on top of national pay scales. This currently stands at £3000 per annum and we also offer a compensatory tax grant. 

TVP police officers, police staff and special constables qualify for various concessions and services, such as reduced gym membership, travel concessions and technology savings.

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