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Why P2P?

Practice to Progress is an innovative and inclusive service that supports talented people in joining the police or furthering their policing careers. The team will help you through every step of your application or promotion process. Practice to Progress know how daunting the recruitment or promotion process can be, which is why their team, with over 1,000 years of policing experience and their highly qualified non-service assessors provide great value to your progression into the policing family.
P2P has a range of services, providing promotion and recruitment support for both serving and potential police officers and staff.
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Looking to join the police?

Free Police Staff Recruitment Guide 

Whether you are looking to join the police to work in HR, Communications, Finance, IT or any of the other numerous rewarding police staff roles you will be required to submit an application form and if successful face what is known as a ‘Competency-Based Interview’.
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Police Officer Application Online Course - £8.99

Helps you submit a strong application form to ensure that you proceed to the next stage of the police recruitment process
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Prepare for the College of Policing online assessment with Competency-Based Exercises and Workshops

Once you pass the application stage you will be invited to attend the College of Policing Online Assessment Centre where you will need to pass a number of exercises which you can practice with P2P.
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1-to-1 Exercises

Our 1-to-1 sessions are designed to replicate the real thing. First you receive an exercise briefing. You then conduct the relevant exercise(s) selected. Lastly, you receive comprehensive developmental feedback from one of our highly experienced assessors. If desired, we can record the sessions and provide the video for you to review later at no extra cost.

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P2P workshops offer the flexibility to practice all three exercises as part of a small group of other aspiring recruits.

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Serving Officers and Staff

Preparing for promotion

If you are considering going for police promotion as an officer, or to progress as a member of staff, preparation and practice will make the difference between success and failure. P2P can help you by replicating the exercises you will be faced with.
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Fast Track

Practice to Progress will provide you with valuable insight into the Fast-Track process, to enable you to test your knowledge and skills. P2P provides

  • Interview
  • Oral briefing
  • Partnership meeting
  • Values exercise
  • Written in-tray exercise

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Practice to Progress replicates all the exercises you need to pass. Candidates can choose to practice any combination of the assessment centre exercises 1-to-1 (online) with our highly qualified staff:

  • Chief Officer briefing
  • Media exercise
  • Partnership exercise
  • Management exercise
  • Interview
  • Presentation

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For more information, visit our website at https://practicetoprogress.com or find us on social media:
If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with the team, please contact info@practicetoprogress.com

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