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With 80,000 applicants each year and only 7,000 successful candidates, we have partnered with Police Recruitment Prep to give you quality, affordable, online courses that will help you to join the police.
Buy their courses as you go through each stage or get a discount and buy them altogether. They have a proven success rate.
Application Form Prep
Helps you submit a strong application form to ensure that you proceed to the next stage of the police recruitment process
[£40 – Buy Now]

Police SEARCH® Recruit Assessment Centre Prep
An effective course to help you prepare for your Police SEARCH® Recruit Assessment Centre.
[£50 – Buy Now]

Police Recruitment Force Interview Prep
An effective course to help you prepare for your local police recruitment interview
[£50 – Buy Now]

Full Package
Save £20 and purchase all 3 courses at the same time
[£120 – Buy Now]
           For more information about Police Recruitment Prep courses click [here]

  1. Can you help with my application?

We work with www.policerecruitmentprep.co.uk who provide you with online courses that will help you to succeed throughout all of the stages of applying to become a police officer. See [Application Help] for more details. If looking for promotion then we also work with www.promotionprep.co.uk who can help with all aspects of your police promotion process.

Application Help

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