When is my local force likely to open recruitment?

We have an email alert system and we use it to notify people who have signed up for email alerts as soon as a job comes up that meets their criteria.

Sometimes a force announces that an application date for new officers will open on a given future date, in which case we will send out 2 alerts. One when the announcement is made, and the second when the recruitment window opens.

Please note that many positions have no advance warning however and jobs are simply posted when the application window opens.

Can you help with my application?


We can't offer any help or advice with applications I am afraid, though we do recommend you take steps to ensure your application fully complies with the new competency framework. There are a number of companies that offer help with this, and we would personally recommend Police Recruitment Prep as a reasonably priced and high quality provider of this service, with a very high success rate.

I want to be a mounted officer / dog handler

To work in any of the specialist areas in policing such as these, you have to join as a new recruit and go through the training to become a police constable. After you have completed approximately two years and assuming you have passed your probation, then you can apply for vacancies in specialist teams.

I want to offer my services as a translator

Most forces use agencies on an "as needed" basis. For regular work you would be better registering with one of these agencies, as forces rarely employ full or part time translators.

Are you GDPR compliant?


We only send emails to people who have accessed our site and have actively requested email alerts for jobs.

The only data we hold for subscribers is their email address, the name they entered (which may or may not be real; we don't check!) and which jobs they want alerts for. All subscribers can access that information about themselves, and alter their alerts, or delete their account if they wish.

And we don't sell any data, (or give it away for free) to anyone at all.

I need to report a crime

We only list jobs. If your situation is an emergency, dial 999. Otherwise please dial 101

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