PC, National Firearms Instructor

Posted on 10th Oct 2022

PC, National Firearms Instructor


York, Yorkshire

Clyde, Argyll and Bute

Portsmouth, Hampshire

AWE, Berkshire

Command Training Team – MDP HQ Wyton, Cambridgeshire

Successful applicants will be required to travel throughout the UK when necessary.


Applications are invited from currently qualified Constable National Firearms Instructors. This includes those officers that have retired in the previous 36 months and still hold a valid qualification.

You must have completed a National Firearms Instructor Course and maintained an annual peer assessment booklet as a regular Constable with a UK Home Department Police Force or other UK Civilian policing organisation (i.e. BTP/CNC/PSNI/Police Scotland).

You will be required to meet the level of fitness specified in the College of Policing National Role Profile applicable to the post. The level of fitness required is 7:6 on the Multi-Stage Fitness Test.

You must be a sole British National and hold a British Passport.

You must be able to obtain and maintain full Security Check clearance and, Developed Vetting clearance for AWE posts.

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