Posted on 13th Sep 2021
Police Service of Northern Ireland
Police Service of Northern Ireland


The Police Service of Northern Ireland is seeking applications for promotion to the rank of Chief Superintendent and applications are invited from police officers currently substantive in the rank of Superintendent.

We are a unique Service with unique challenges and operate in a complex policing environment.

Chief Superintendents carry significant responsibility and help achieve the organisational purpose of Keeping People Safe, by contributing to the delivery of a service which is Visible, Accessible, Responsive and Community focused, whilst we demonstrate in our behaviours and interactions that we care, listen and act about what matters to the public, our partners and our staff.

We are looking for people who are outstanding leaders to effectively deliver on the organisational purpose of Keeping People Safe by Policing with the Community, to win the trust and confidence of the people we serve.

Chief Superintendents lead a large and/or complex area of command within the Police Service of Northern Ireland and across collaborations, strategic alliances and partnerships, carrying responsibility for all activities in their area. They may also carry responsibility for strategic or policy lead for one or more areas of policing across the Service and will play a key role in the management of change.

Chief Superintendents also play a critical lead part in operational policing for major or critical events or incidents; planning and directing the activities in line with the legal framework and wider policing policies/objectives to uphold the law and ensure public safety and strengthen public confidence. This is conducted in a challenging dynamic operational environment, which is often politically charged.

Chief Superintendents contribute to the development of culture and working processes in their area of responsibility to ensure adherence to standards, and the promotion of accountability and continuous improvement in performance and public service.

This role carries specific legal powers to enable the maintenance of law and order. Candidates need to have the ability to focus on organisational capability, working to optimise the resources we have and meet the changing policing demands and challenging financial environment.

At the Chief Superintendent rank in the Police Service of Northern Ireland there are a diverse range of roles and disciplines including operational, detective, public order and counter terrorism.

In summary we are seeking people who are up for a significant challenge with a previous track record of managing risk, delivering change, challenging organisational culture and who possess a strong public service ethos.

If you have the skills, professionalism and enthusiasm needed for the rank of Chief Superintendent, can engage with the Police Service of Northern Ireland’s purpose of ‘Keeping People Safe’ and role model the values of ‘We Care, We Listen, We Act’, we look forward to hearing from you.

Applications are invited from substantive Superintendents. Full details of the criteria required will be supplied in the application pack.

For those applying from other Police Forces/Services, a relocation package to cover removal and incidental expenses is available. Police Service allowances will also apply. To request an Applicant Information Pack, and Application Form please forward an e-mail to:

We will host an information session for any applicant who wishes to explore the role of Chief Superintendent within the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

Important Promotion Process Dates

Stage 1: Application Form submission date no later than 12 noon on Friday 24th September 2021 to (please note late applications will not be accepted).

Stage 2: Assessment Process, week commencing 18th October 2021.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland is committed to being representative of the communities we serve and welcome all applicants interested in a career in policing. Applications are particularly welcome from the Roman Catholic community, women and members of Black and Minority Ethnic Groups, as they are currently under-represented at senior levels in the organisation.

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