Special Constable Vacancy 1879289, - Ref:1879289

Posted on 11th Sep 2021
Greater Manchester
Greater Manchester North West

Special Constable Vacancy 1879289, - Ref:1879289

Special Constables are volunteers from all walks of life who, in their spare time, provide assistance to the regular police force, dealing with a wide variety of incidents and interacting with our diverse communities. Special Constables play a vital role in modern policing, working in local Neighbourhood Policing Teams supporting regular Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers.

As a Special Constable you will have the same powers and authorities as a regular Police Officer and wear a similar uniform.

You will receive comprehensive training to assist regular Police Officers and increase the effectiveness of local police initiatives. Building up good relationships between the police and the public, you be able to develop skills and take on additional responsibilities, as well as making a worthwhile contribution in local communities and within GMP.

To be eligible for appointment as a police officer, you must be a British citizen or a citizen of a country that is a member of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland. Commonwealth citizens and foreign nationals are also eligible but only if they are resident in the UK free of restrictions. After 30 June 2021, nationals of the EEA or Switzerland will also need to provide evidence that their stay is free from restrictions. In the context of EEA nationals, we are content that pre-settled status counts as free from restrictions.

Please note, all candidates will be required to provide fingerprints and DNA samples which will be used to speculatively search against local and national databases prior to appointment. This is to ensure that candidates have not previously come to adverse police attention and are not linked to any outstanding crime scenes. Further information will be provided to you, should you be successful at the assessment & Interview stage of the recruitment process.

You will also be required to undertake both, a job related Fitness Test which is a 5.4 bleep test pass and a Medical at a later date should you be successful after completing your Assessment & Interview.

Assessments and interviews will be held at Sedgley Park Training Centre, Sedgley Park Road, Prestwich, Manchester M25 OJT. Your Assessment & Interview will be 2 hours.

You will be required to provide Original and copies of your Proof of Address and ID documents when you attend for your Assessment and Interview. Please read the attached document which explains what documents are required. Failing to provide these documents on the day of your assessment & interview could disqualify you from the process.

Successful candidates are required to attend a Fitness Test. Date to be confirmed.

If you are interested in becoming a Student Officer please contact gmprecruitment@gmp.police.uk with your Expression of Interest.

PLEASE DO NOT complete the on line application for the role of Special Constable if you wish to be a Student Officer.

GMP Police Staff who are Special Constables receive additional Time Off for Volunteering through the Employer Supported Policing Leave (ESP leave).

ESP leave is given to all GMP Police Staff who are part of any UK Special Constabulary. This includes Apprentices and Temporary Police Staff Members. Part Time Staff will get ESP leave on a pro-rata basis. Please refer to the Taking Time Off Policy for further information, but the basic benefit includes one days additional leave per month, time off for Personal Safety Training (PST) – the initial 9 weekday training and an additional 2 days per year is given to undertake PST refresher courses; and a day every three years for First Aid training.

PLEASE ENSURE YOU READ all the attached documents that are relevant and will assist you with your preparation for Assessment & Interview.

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