CAVA Constable - Internal & on Transfer

Posted on 3rd Jun 2021

CAVA Constable - Internal & on Transfer

Detective Constable – Child Abuse Investigation Unit and Vulnerable Adults (CAVA)

Salary – In line with national pay scales

Applications are invited for the post of Detective Constable within CAVA both internally and on transfer, and for Constables who would be interested in completing their National Investigators Exam in the first year of posting in order to complete the ICIDP.

The CAVA department, which is part of the Protecting Vulnerable People department, is based at Middlesbrough Police Headquarters. The main responsibilities will be the investigation of child abuse and vulnerable adult crimes, safeguarding victims of such crimes and bringing offenders to justice, liaising with Children and Adults Services to work together to support and safeguard individuals/families.

This is an operational role and the post holder will be actively involved in pursuing all aspects of investigating CAVA crimes from reporting to attending court.

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