- DHEP Police Constable and Detective Constable Recruitment 2022

Posted on 4th May 2021

- DHEP Police Constable and Detective Constable Recruitment 2022

We are currently recruiting for Police Constables and Detective Constables via the Degree Holder Entry Programme (DHEP).

To apply, you will need to hold a level 6 degree qualification or higher (or equivalent) in any subject (except a College of Policing licensed degree in professional policing practice), or be predicted to achieve this prior to being offered a final job offer.

The qualification must be determined as a level 6 degree or higher (or equivalent) in the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education.

The application process is predominantly the same for Police Constables and Detective Constables, except those applying to the Detective Entry Programme will complete a Psychometric Test. This test is looking for specific competencies in skills we know suit a great detective.

If you have passed all the other parts of the application process but do not pass the psychometric test you will be offered the chance to transfer your application to the Uniformed Officer route.

For the first year of training there is no difference between the roles. Everyone will be in uniform (Police Constables and Detective Constables) training together, learning everything you need to know to gain Independent Patrol Status and how to be a Police Officer. In the second year of training, Uniformed officers will go on to learn a number of specialist tactics specific to uniformed policing and those on the Detective Entry Programme will change focus and become Trainee Investigators.

For further details including eligibility criteria, we would advise you to read additional information by copying the below link and pasting it into your web browser:


Please note the closing date for applications is Monday 17th May 12midday

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