MOSOVO - Offender Manager (IRiS Non Core Interventions)

Posted on 21st Nov 2020

MOSOVO - Offender Manager (IRiS Non Core Interventions)

Do you want to join a small team of dedicated staff managing offenders within the community?

Our MOSOVO (Managing sexual offenders and violent offenders) Offender Managers are responsible for the risk management of sexual, violent and other dangerous offenders in the community by effective intervention and thorough investigations of offender activities.

Every individual that works for us, is in some way supporting and serving the community we represent, we simply could not do the jobs we do without them. In this role you will be protecting vulnerable adults and children by managing registered sex offenders within the community helping to keep the public safe.


In this role, your main responsibilities will be:

  • Managing a portfolio of registered sex offenders and other nominated persons to lessen the risks they pose within the community, identifying and acting upon emerging risk.
  • Conduct registration, home visits, risk assessments and reviews of Registered Sex Offenders and other 'Dangerous Offenders' in compliance with relevant legislation.
  • To gather, develop and disseminate intelligence maintaining detailed and accurate records.
  • Preparing prosecution files and reports and act as case officer when required for criminal and civil court proceedings, attending court where necessary (this includes issues arising from exhibits).
  • Attend Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangement (MAPPA) and other risk management meetings as required.
  • Interview witnesses and offenders using appropriate methods to secure best evidence.


Skills, experience and qualifications required:

  • You must be computer literate and have excellent written and verbal communication skills which you are able to demonstrate in a variety of settings, with the ability to effectively prioritise and organise workloads.
  • You must have experience of or an ability to deal with matters of a sensitive and confidential nature, along with an understanding of Data Protection issues.
  • Previous experience of gathering, analysing and interpreting information, keeping records/maintaining databases, report writing and carrying out research.
  • Ability to work within different environments including team working, multi-agency and as a lone investigator working on own initiative and have previous experience of multi-agency working/working with partner agencies.


To be eligible to apply for this role you must have a 3 year ‘checkable history’ in the UK – ideally this means that you would have been resident in the UK for the last 3 years.

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