202011 - Detective Constable Pathway

Posted on 3rd Nov 2020
Metropolitan Police Service
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202011 - Detective Constable Pathway

We’re excited to be recruiting individuals who possess the skills and potential to join the Met directly as a Detective, on our Degree Holder Entry Programme.

It's a really challenging role, but we are sure you'll find it to be incredibly rewarding - you will help make London safer, serve our local communities, and strive to achieve the right outcome for victims and their families. 


Detective Constables and Police Constables have the same rank and whilst there are a number of similarities, they have different operational roles. Detective Constables ultimately deal with serious and complex investigations, uncovering the truth and analysing evidence on cases. This could range from working to safeguard a child or vulnerable adult, pushing a case through the courts to get the right outcome for the victim and their family, all whilst making the communities we serve safer. 


Being a detective is all about uncovering the truth, while identifying and managing any risks. You’ll do this by analysing evidence, talking to witnesses and building trust within the community. You will talk to lots of different people and have the compassion and skills to deal with difficult situations. 

You'll work very closely with your uniform colleagues and like them, need to police London 24/7. You'll be out making arrests, undertaking search warrants, searching people and places, dealing with conflict and also responding to certain crimes. It's not an office-based role and it's also not what is always portrayed in popular media culture. It's definitely interesting and varied, and you'll deal with some very tough situations. 


Degree Holder Entry Programme

You’ll join on our Degree Holder Entry Programme (DHEP), which consists of two-years gaining the knowledge and practical experience to be a Detective Constable. Upon completion, you’ll receive a graduate diploma in Professional Policing Practice. The DHEP is delivered in partnership with four London universities: 

  • Brunel University London  
  • University of West London  
  • Anglia Ruskin University  
  • University of East London 


Unlike more traditional qualifications, the DHEP Detective entry route is a vocational course that focuses on practical learning and is specifically tailored for a career in policing. You’ll learn how policing works in theory, so that when you encounter practical situations in real life, you’ll be prepared and know what to do.  

And because you’ll spend the majority of your time actually on the frontline, you’ll be putting that theory into practice throughout your learning experience. During your learning experience you’ll be trained and supported in gaining all the skills and knowledge you need to carry out your duties, while you work towards gaining your graduate diploma. 



Apply now:

Joining as a Detective Constable is a limited opportunity - we aren't continuously recruiting. So, take the opportunity now - to start your application, click the 'Apply' button today. 


To find out about the eligibility criteria for this role and to learn more about the scheme generally, please refer to our website 

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