Volunteer-TWISTA Connect Mentor

Posted on 30th Oct 2019

Volunteer-TWISTA Connect Mentor



Do you care about the future of your community?

What can you do to secure its future?

By helping the younger citizens of the area, you can help them to achieve

the goals they want by guiding them along the way. This will help them to

get more focus on the things they need and may even be able to start

hobbies with your help to keep them busy after school, therefore, keeping

away from trouble.

Would you like to support others?

Many young teenagers don’t have the support that they need from home and friends

in order to achieve what they want which encourages them to give up. You can give

them this support by meeting once a week in a local school to help them through

what they want.

Are you a good listener? Willing to support others to the best they can be?

Sometimes all a young person needs is somebody to speak to that isn’t at home or school. Someone they feel they can confined in without being judged, somebody that will listen to what they have to say and you can be the person to do this. Helping find a young person a hobby, helping them through the troubles of school and the arguments with friends can make them feel like somebody is there for them when needed.

Do you have four hours spare a month?

This won’t take up much of your spare time, just one hour per week

is all it takes to make somebodies life better.

  • If you take part in TWISTA connect you also will be given the support you need.
  • Training will be required to you in order for you to support the young teenager. This will be around 6 hours of quality training delivered by the Football Association that helps you to become a good listener and deal with problems, before mentoring.
  • Once trained, you will be paired with a teenager that is best matched to you in terms of hobbies, interests etc. This will give you a closer bond to start with that you can then build on.
  • When meeting with your mentee, there will be other mentors and teachers around so if you feel you need support then it is always there for you too.

Please provide evidence of the below questions, including specific examples, against each section (experience, knowledge/skills/abilities & any special requirements) on the person specification. Examples provided should be dated from the last 2 years and your line manager should confirm accuracy, making whatever enquiries they deem necessary to do this. Contact will be made with a dip sampled number of line managers to confirm the validity of the evidence provided.

1. Why would you like to mentor a young person?

2. What can you offer to that young person?

(Max 500 words)

Cheshire Constabulary is fully supportive of equality and diversity and strives to employ a workforce which is representative of the community it serves. Applicants are welcomed from all underrepresented groups and support will be made available throughout the recruitment process for all applicants. Under-represented groups include:


•Those from a Black or Minority Ethnic (BME) background, including non-visible ethnic minorities such as Czech, Slovak, Polish, and Gypsy/Traveller’s

•Individuals from the LGBT+ community

•People with disabilities

•All other characteristics protected by the Equality Act 2010.


If you have any queries in relation to equality and diversity, or have a request for any additional support you may need, please email positive.action@cheshire.pnn.police.uk


The force operates a no smoking policy




  1. Unless you have recognised mentoring qualifications.  Be prepared to complete mentor training with Football Association or other recommended training provider - this will be complimentary accredited training prior to commencing the role.
  2. You will be DBS enhanced checked by the school prior to starting your role .  

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