Special Constable

Posted on 30th Nov 2017
Metropolitan Police Service
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Special Constable

Special constables are volunteer police officers who play a pivotal role in the Met. Becoming one gives you the chance to work alongside regular police officers, bring skills and experiences from your day job and give something back to this world-class city.

It’s pretty demanding. After all, you’ll have to give up at least 16 hours of your spare time each month. But helping protect and support London and the millions of people who call it home is really satisfying too.

Same uniform, same powers

Based across each of the 32 boroughs that make up the capital city, Specials wear the same uniform and carry the same powers and responsibilities as regular police officers. They’re involved in all aspects of policing London, enjoying a variety of roles and carrying out duties such as:

  • Foot and vehicle patrols
  • Anti-Robbery initiatives
  • Working in schools to talk about safety and crime
  • Assisting in the event of accidents, fights and fires
  • Road safety initiatives
  • House-to-house enquiries
  • Helping ensure public safety and security at both local and major events
  • Presenting evidence in court
  • Taking part in 'Hotspot' operations to tackle underage drinking, criminal damage and nuisance/public disorder
  • Offering crime prevention advice and promoting property marking initiatives

There’s nothing quite like it

As a Special, you’ll make a real difference to London by reducing crime - and the fear of crime – across the city, whilst gaining unique experiences you simply can’t get anywhere else. If you have the spare time, we couldn’t think of a better way to spend it.

For more information about the role of Special constables and the recruitment process please check our Events page for details of upcoming information events as well the Met Careers website or contact the recruitment team.

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