Police officer transferees

Posted on 11th Dec 2017

Police officer transferees

If you are a serving police officer in a Home Department Police Force or other policing organisation (i.e. BTP/CNC/Ports/PSNI/Police Scotland) and you have completed an approved probationer training programme, the MDP can provide new options for developing your career.

Upon joining the MDP as a New Entrant from Other Forces (NEOF) you will be required to undertake an induction course, achieve Authorised Firearms Officer (AFO) status and you will be subject to a 12 month probationary period.

If there is no break in service, you will be allowed to count your previous service for annual leave entitlement purposes and, you will be placed on the MDP equivalent pay spine to that which you are on in your current Force at contract offer stage. Housing allowance is not offered to NEOF applicants who join the MDP.

If your application is sifted in you will be required to attend an interview assessment. If you are successful at interview you will then be required to complete a physical fitness test (currently the bleep test to level 7.6) and undergo a medical examination. You will also be subject to the Force Vetting/Security process that applies to all new entrants.

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