Promotion to Sergeant

Posted on 11th Jan 2019
Thames Valley
Thames Valley South East

Promotion to Sergeant

PC-Sergeant Promotions Process 2019

Applications are invited from both full time and part time substantive Constables who wish to apply for promotion to the rank of Sergeant.

Officers must either:

Hold a valid NPPF step two legal exam (previously known as the OSPRE part 1)


Have passed the Ospre part 2

Please note we have changed our application process and we only accept applications which are submitted via our website

The application must include:

  1. A two page "Why Me, Why Now" letter evidencing against the 'Step up to Sergeant' requirements. If your current force does not use the PDR system, the 'Why Me, Why Now' letter must evidence against the CVF competencies.

    The letter must be no more than 2 pages in total - this includes the address. It must be Arial 12 font, 138 lines max, please do not change the margins

  2. Your recent full PDR, which should be rated and closed by your determining officer. If the sign off of your PDR is more than six months prior to the date of the process, please attach your Interim PDR.
  3. Endorsement form signed by your AO/DO .

Please read the attached guidance.

Candidates must have a minimum of an achieved PDR in order to apply. Applicants will be assessed based on their application and invited to a board interview. Applicants will be asked to select their posting preference.

Successful candidate can transfer to Thames Valley Police as a Police Constable, awaiting placement in to a Sergeants role or remain with their current force and transfer in to a Sergeants role when a suitable vacancy arises.

The successful candidates will be promoted into a pool to ensure sufficient resources for the current and anticipated vacancies over the forthcoming 12 months. Those wanting to apply for specialised roles can apply via the Thames Valley Police Jobshop after passing the promotion process.

Applicants are reminded that they are applying for promotion within Thames Valley and a degree of flexibility is expected in terms of posting.

It is anticipated that the PC- PS promotions will be advertised once a year, but this is guided by the vacancies across the force.

The timetable for the selection process is as follows:

The Closing date for receipt of eligible supported application is 22nd January 2019.

applications will be assessed by the 18th February 2019

An invitation for a board interview will be sent by the 21st February 2019

Please contact Promotions or telephone the recruitment team on 01865 845 587 with any further queries. quoting reference 3500

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