ERSOU ROCU - PC/DC - Intelligence Officer - Ref 7289

Posted on 7th Jan 2019

ERSOU ROCU - PC/DC - Intelligence Officer - Ref 7289

An exciting and challenging opportunity has arisen for Police Officers to be seconded to the Eastern Region Special Operations Unit; Confidential Unit (ERSOU Confi) working at a discrete location in Hertfordshire.

This advert is open to officers within the region from Norfolk, Suffolk, Bedfordshire, Kent and Cambridgeshire.

At this time this advert is not open to Essex or Hertfordshire police officers.

ERSOU has responsibility for targeting serious and organised crime through the delivery of covert services across the region.

Within ERSOU is the Confidential Unit, which is a specialist unit working with sensitive intelligence to support proactive covert operations. ERSOU Confidential Unit is at the heart of driving the Eastern Region Organised Crime Unit (ROCU) in delivering specialist covert policing capabilities to tackle threat, risk, harm and opportunity relating to identified Organised Crime Groups.  

The roles are for officers from Forces who seek to undertake intelligence work in support of serious and organised crime investigations. Officers will work with the ERSOU operational teams, the Serious and Organised Crime teams in each of the Forces, and any other Force department or Agency who require specialist intelligence support. Support will also be provided to Crime in Action investigations led by Major Crime Units.

This post is ideally suited to officers who are currently working in or have experience of working in intelligence roles or a covert policing environment. Whilst there are specialist aspects of the role, training and development will be provided.

Successful applicants will be driving dynamic covert investigations and they will require a flexible approach to the working day.

There is an on call requirement for 7 days in every 8 weeks including one weekend. The commitment can be challenging but the role is extremely rewarding as you will play a vital role in achieving outcomes against those persons who cause the most harm to our communities

Applicants must hold or be prepared to undergo Management Vetting (5 years residency criteria) and Security Clearance (5 years residency criteria) or Development vetting, if applicable, before taking up the post. Please be aware the Police Corporate Vetting Unit will undertake security vetting on successful candidates, their family and others that live at their home address, which will include financial checks. Due to the sensitive nature of these checks, we are not able to supply feedback should clearance be declined.

You will be expected to provide written evidence around the following competencies and the minimum entry requirements from the role profile:.

We Deliver, Support and Inspire

We Are Collaborative

 We Take Ownership  

We Analyse Critically

Please note there is a 500 words limit for each competency.

All applicants must print off a copy of the ROCU application approval form and pass this onto their line manager and head of department for authorisation. As this is a PDF document this will need to be wet signed. We will accept an audit trail of emails from your line manager and Head of Department if a wet signature is not achievable.

The completed approval form needs to be returned to as close to the closing date as possible. Application forms will not be progressed to the shortlisting stage until the recruitment team has received a completed approval form.

Kent officers will need to have their approval form signed by their 1st line manager and then sent to to be authorised by Chief Officers.

For further information about the role or millage from your home address to the working location please contact:


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