Police Officer - Special Constables - Transferees

Posted on 2nd Nov 2018

Police Officer - Special Constables - Transferees

From one Police Force to another.
Cheshire Constabulary are looking to enhance its Special Constabulary and welcomes applications from current serving Special Constables looking to transfer to Cheshire Constabulary

Eligibility for the role is below:
• Be a current serving special officer in a Home Office force
• Be an independent Special Officer
• Have no outstanding discipline or integrity issues
• Declare any business interests at the time of applying
• You must have been attested as a Special Constable, completed at least 50 hours of response policing
• Meet the forces attendance standards

In addition to submitting an application to Cheshire Constabulary you will need to submit the national transferee application form through your own force to request a transfer. A copy of this form is attached above.

The Process:

The transferee recruitment process:
1. Your application will be papersifted to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria detailed above
2. You will be invited in for a competency based interview; Cheshire Constabulary assesses officers against the Police Professional Framework (PPF).
3. Following a successful interview; vetting, medical and pre-employment checks will be initiated
4. We will contact your force if you are successful at interview for reference (please note we will ask your permission before we do this but we cannot give a formal offer without it).
5. You will be required to attend a medical appointment which will be arranged by Occupational Health
6. Following vetting and medical clearances you will be posted** onto the next available intake.
7. We will write to your current Force’s HR department for a final reference confirming your service dates, vetting and PSD checks.
8. Upon starting with Cheshire Constabulary you will attend an induction course after which you will start in your role at your relevant posting.

The recruitment process can take between three and six months depending on your individual circumstances. You are advised to submit your application at the earliest opportunity to minimise any break in service.

We understand that most Special Constables have a full time occupation and that, from time to time, you will not be able to carry out duties every week. So, we ask for a minimum commitment of 18 hours per month, but it is up to you what hours you choose to work to make up that time. However, we ask that your duties are agreed in advance so the best use can be made of your valuable time.

We are keen to recruit people with a wide range of skills and experiences and an understanding of cultural issues. We are particularly encouraging people to join us from black, Asian and other minority ethnic communities who are underrepresented in the Force.

Insight Programme:

The introduction of this course is to provide potential officers and staff with an insight into Cheshire Constabulary. It will enable each individual to not only learn more about the force and how it works but aims to improve their confidence and provide an awareness of skills and techniques in relation to the recruitment process.”

If you are interested in receiving further support via the Insight Programme then please contact us on; corporate.hr.admin@cheshire.pnn.police.uk

For further details: https://www.cheshire.police.uk/jobs/insight-programme

Cheshire Constabulary is fully supportive of equality & diversity and strives to employ a workforce which is representative of the communities which it serves. Applicants are welcomed from all underrepresented groups and support will be made available throughout the recruitment process for all applicants. If you have any questions in relation to equality & diversity or have a request for additional support you may need please email positive.action@cheshire.pnn.police.uk

How do I apply?

Please click ‘apply now’ and complete the mandatory, basic questions. You must complete the attached application form and upload this into the ‘upload documents section’ along with the requested documents which are listed in the guidance notes.

Please Note:

Postings are determined taking into account both individual preferences and the resourcing needs of the organisation. Whilst every effort will be made to meet individual preferences this, regrettably, cannot always be guaranteed. There will be an opportunity to discuss posting preferences in detail at the interview stage of your application. On occasion, if resourcing requirements do not align with your stated preferences / or where you can travel to, we may put your application on hold until a suitable vacancy arises.

We do not require service as a Special Constable or Police Community Support Officer to apply to become a Police Officer with Cheshire Constabulary. It is also not necessary to undertake the foundation degree in policing to become a Special Constable.

If you are already employed by Cheshire Constabulary you must have passed your probationary period in order to undertake the additional role of Special Constable. Applications will be withdrawn if applicants are unable to meet the above eligibility criteria.

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