GDP Police Officer Application 2022 National sift

Posted on 13th Jun 2022

GDP Police Officer Application 2022 National sift

We are inviting talented people from all backgrounds to consider joining us to become a Detective Constable and we are delighted you are visiting our careers site to find out more about the role.

To apply to become a Detective Constable, we offer the Graduate Detective Programme (GDP). You must hold a Level 6 bachelor’s degree (or higher) to be eligible to apply.

If you are more interested in a career in police constable in response, please check our other open vacancy for Degree Holder Entry Programme (DHEP).

Those that already have a BSc (Hons) Professional Policing Practice from a College of Policing supported university can apply to GDP via this application or DHEP via the other open vacancy.

Please read through the full eligibility criteria here before submitting an application: In addition to meeting general requirements on education and vetting criteria, it is important you understand the physical and mental demands of the role and must read all information regarding previous and existing conditions carefully.

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