Detective constables / detective sergeants - crime and safeguarding

Posted on 26th May 2022

Detective constables / detective sergeants - crime and safeguarding

Opportunities are now open for officers to directly transfer into Durham Constabulary as a Detective Constable / Detective Sergeant working within the CID department.

You will need to be currently: Existing Detective Constables (ICIDP or PIP2 equivalent qualified)/ Detective Sergeant or;

Constables who have completed their probationary period without prior experience in crime and justice roles who demonstrate the desired skills and aptitude and are willing to undertake the National Investigators Examination (NIE), ICIDP course, and completion of portfolio.

Probationers with more than 21 months' service and who have fully completed their PDP portfolio may also apply.

Applications from those without prior experience in a crime role are also welcome and full support will be provided from the outset via the CID Induction Support Programme.

This is an exciting opportunity, offering a gateway into a varied career path involving a range of investigative roles. Those who are less experienced but who possess the aptitude, commitment, and willingness to learn will be fully supported throughout the ICIDP PIP 2 process.

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