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Police Application FormHow to complete the POLICE OFFICER APPLICATION FORM
Police Dog HandlerThe 'How To Become A Police Dog Handler' CD Rom is a 140 page guide that will provide you with insider information on how to get one of the most sought after jobs within the Police Force! Full of insider tips and advice, and brought to you by a retired Police Dog Handler with 20 years experience, it will guide you through the selection process and help you to pass at the very first attempt!
Police CourseLearn how to successfully pass the POLICE OFFICER selection process with this 1 day intensive course run by ex-police officers
Police InterviewHow to pass the POLICE OFFICER INTERVIEW
Police OfficerHow to become a UK POLICE OFFICER
Police Role PlayHow to pass the POLICE OFFICER role play DVD
Police Written Test DVDHow to pass the POLICE OFFICER WRITTEN TESTS
Online Police TestHundreds of test questions to help you pass the POLICE OFFICER selection tests
Police Written Tests WorkbookThis new and exclusive 130 page book will provide you with hundreds of sample Police Officer Numerical and Verbal Reasoning Written tests!


POLICE STAFF and other justice related roles

Customs OfficerHow to become a CUSTOMS OFFICER
MagistrateHow to become a magistrate
Prison OfficerHow to become a PRISON OFFICER
Prison Officer CourseLearn how to pass the PRISON OFFICER selection process with this 1 DAY intensive course
Prison Officer InterviewHow to pass the PRISON OFFICER interview DVD
Prison Officer Role PlayHow to pass the PRISON OFFICER role play DVD
Probation OfficerHow to become a PROBATION OFFICER
Traffic OfficerHow to become a TRAFFIC OFFICER


PCSOs (Police Community Support Officers)

PCSOHow to become a PCSO
PCSO Role PlayHow to pass the PCSO role play DVD


General Recruitment Help

Numerical Reasoning TestsHow to pass a NUMERICAL REASONING TEST
Verbal Reasoning TestsHow to pass VERBAL REASONING TESTS
CV Writing SkillsStep by step guide to creating the perfect CV
Interview SkillsTeaching you job interview skills
Psychometric TestsHelp with passing psychometric tests
Online Aptitude TestsHundreds of test questions to help you pass the numerical aptitude selection tests