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Careers within policing


Police Recruitment FAQs

Below is a list of common questions about recruitment and roles within police forces of the UK.

I am interested in becoming a member of Police staff. Please could you email me any vacancies that fit my criteria in the future. Thank you.
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I am interested in applying for work experiences in the police force. Please could you advise me if you do work experience programs.
Some forces do have work experience programmes, though there is of course an issue over confidentiality and the sensitive nature of much of the information which workers handle, which means some forces choose to limit them. To find out if there are work experience opportunities, please contact your local police station, or force Headquarters, as we do not list them on
I was wondering whether any UK Police force offers any jobs where I could use my language skills?
Most of the translation work for police forces is done via agencies on an "as needed" basis. An internet search will allow you to find several, and your best chance of finding work is through these.
Hi, i sent back my application form 3 weeks ago for a job. I havent heard anything and the closing date was 10 days ago.
Most police forces operate a policy, which is normally stated in adverts, of only replying to candidates they wish to interview. Although it may appear discourteous, forces often receive hundreds of applications for positions, and as a public service they have to account for the money they spend. If you have not heard from them 4 weeks after the closing date, it is safe to assume you have been unsuccessful.
I've always wanted to become a police officer but I don't know how to start off trying to move into the police force.... So I'm hoping you can help me......
The best place for careers advice is , the home office site which explains the different roles an officer can undertake, the application process and the 2 year training period. Remember though that around 50% of people working in forces are not police officers, but police staff. For information about these roles, look at and read the job descriptions of some of the hundreds of positions currently advertised.
I wanted to join my local force but there are no spaces free so I'm writing to ask is there any other way of becoming a police officer?
If you are determined to become an officer, you may wish to consider relocating. At the end of training, or further on in your career it may be possible to transfer to your original choice of force. If moving is not an option, then you may wish to consider a staff role or Community Support Officer position, at least until recruitment opens. You could of course join the Special Constabulary. ALthough becoming a Special Constable doesn’t automatically mean you would be accepted into the regular force, the experience gained from being a Special Constable will provide a valuable insight into policing in general.